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Eating for Health

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Posted by less_o_me on 2007.09.27 at 13:37
Anyone out there?

I created this community with the best of intentions. I think any of us here who have struggled with our weight know the shame and embarrassment of starting some new program all gung ho and then petering out quite quickly.

The thing is that I still believe the concept of this community to be an excellent one. And I still believe that I have to eat and move and think to get this weight off of my body. I just haven't been doing those things.

So, why am I back now? What makes this time different? Because now I am moving. I've been going to the gym five times a week for a month now so I feel it's safe to say that I have gotten on track (or headed towards the right track or something!). Now it's just a matter of conquering my eating habits.

Although I haven't been practicing what they preach I am a firm believer in the ideas taught by Oprah's guys - Dr. Oz and Bob Greene. I've got their books, I've read them, I know what to do. And now that I have my body actually moving I feel like it's time to do it. I have no great aspirations. I have a goal weight but that's it. No time frame, no hurry, no convincing myself that I will be at goal by {insert fabulous event here}!

So anyone out there? What are you doing? :)


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thegreyqueen at 2007-09-27 20:45 (UTC) (Link)

We can hear you in the back! :)

It is a fantastic idea for a group. I was kinda hoping it would start back up. :)

Well, I've started doing the healthy thing. I'm trying to cook decent meals instead of always ground beef and something. I'm also trying to get into moving again, though I recently injured my knee and gotta stay off it for a bit. Though, I am taking Karate classes and plan on starting up yoga.

The goal is to lose 100 pounds. Yeah, I'm pretty badly overweight. :(
yukino_chan at 2007-09-29 14:10 (UTC) (Link)
I too read and used Bob Greene's Total Weight Loss and it helped me lose almost 30 pounds over the summer. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon right after that because of work. I'm still about the same weight, but my eating habits took more than a few steps backward - though I'm still eating breakfast and stopping eating two hours before bedtime. And I stopped going to the gym six days a week. But this weekend I plan to get back on track and lose a lot more weight.
yumyumberries at 2007-10-09 10:23 (UTC) (Link)
I started cutting down on carbs and trying to eat mostly veggies, fruit, and protein. (i love eggs and fish)

i'm studying abroad in japan for the semester, and it's been a little hard to avoid the white rice, but otherwise everything has been going well.

i've been on and off with trying to lose this weight. i get in healthy mode, and then all of the sudden get lazy and just want to eat junk. it's no good.
but i am back and have been eating well the past 3 days.. and i went jogging today.
i'm trying to lose around 10-15 lbs.
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