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Smart Weight Loss
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This community was created by two women who decided to take back their lives and START EATING! We've realized after years of dieting that starvation gets you nowhere fast. Starvation includes everything from anorexia right up to a "healthy" diet of 1200 calories. Unless what you are doing to lose weight can be maintained forever it is not going to work. And very few people can live on 1200 calories a day forever.

We've realized that there is just no way in hell to regain our health and our bodies without moving our butts. So move them we shall.

This is not a place to tell us that you had 3 grapes and a stick of gum and expect a pat on the back. Not gonna happen. This IS a place to talk about fueling your body properly. This is not a place to figure out how you can lose 200 pounds in three months. It IS place to figure out how to regain your figure.

We're not going to lie. There's a lot of vanity involved in losing weight. Oh we need to slap our health into submission, no doubt about it. But we also want to look good in jeans. If this sounds good to you, please join us!

Usual rules of courtesy and common sense apply. Posts bragging about ingesting 13 calories for the day will be deleted without comment. :)